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20 Jan meeting notes; 27 Jan reading list

February 3, 2011


Eleven people attended: Burt (read three chapters from Madness of March), Glenda, Joanne, Jonathan, Lance, Maddie, Melodye, Rosie, Shari  (read two chapters from Lost in Dance), Stace, and long-time-gone former PFL member John D.
News and Notes

The February issue of Glamour includes an article about Dear Bully, the nonfiction anthology to which Melodye is a contributor. Melissa Walker’s blog has an unauthorized preview.

The Write Environment — a DVD series featuring hour-long interviews with leading screenwriters such as Joss Whedon and Damon Lindelof — airs on KCET at 10PM Wednesdays and 11PM Saturdays. The companion blog includes interview excerpts and additional material.

Please review this list for accuracy. If you discover any mistakes or omissions, please let us know in advance of the meeting.

JoAnne (1/20)
Kermit (1/13)
Stace (1/20)
Glenda (1/20)
Melodye (1/20)
Julia (1/13)
Casey (1/6)
Marianna (1/6)
Rosie (1/20)
Maddie (1/20)
Jonathan (1/20)
Lance (1/20)
Shari (1/20)
Burt (1/20)

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