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Article about blogging

February 22, 2011

Since many of us have blogs or are thinking about blogs as keystones for “author platforms”, I thought I’d pass on this post, which delves into the issue from a wider perspective than most I’ve seen on the topic. An excerpt:

“Tweets share; blogs provide meaning and substance; facebook fan pages offer social interaction and feedback; videos and podcasts offer new ways of connecting with readers and new dimensions to their experience of you.

“But here’s the thing.

“There has to be a point.

“There has to be a larger meaning that people can buy into, and engage with, and return to. That improves their lives in some way. Makes the world a better place.

“This is the great, amazing thing about a blog, an author platform: it’s the chance to go beyond yourself, to express your values and idealism and Do Something Truly Cool.”

Full article here on Tribal Writer.

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