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31 Mar meeting notes; 7 Apr reading list

April 4, 2011


Eleven people attended: Burt (read two chapters of Madness of March), Casey, JoAnne, John D., Julia, Lance (read 1.5 chapters of Identity), Maddie, Marianna, Melodye, Rosie and Shari.

News & Notes

We’ll continue to meet at the Tustin Panera Bread (2467 Park Ave, Tustin, also at The District) until May or until they kick us out, whichever comes first. While you’re not required to eat there, it would be politic to buy some coffee or dessert.

Remember that on Wednesday, 4 May, we’ll be moving to our new home at the Heritage Park branch of OC Public Libraries, 14361 Yale Avenue (@ Walnut Av), Irvine. If you need to rearrange your schedule in order to stay with us, now’s a good time to start.


Please review this list for accuracy. If you discover any mistakes or omissions, please let us know in advance of the meeting.

Melodye (3/31)
Casey (3/31)
Marianna (3/31)
JoAnne (3/31)
Glenda (3/24)
Shari (3/31)
Jonathan (3/24)
Kermit (3/17)
Julia (3/31)
Maddie (3/31)
Rosie (3/31)
John D. (3/31)
Burt (3/31)
Lance (3/31)
Stace (3/10)

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