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5 Jan meeting notes; 12 Jan reading list

January 7, 2012


We started the year with every active member (all 13): Burt, Casey, Dena, Glenda (!)(read part one of her long short story “Golden Shadows”), Jo, JoAnne, Jonathan, Lance, Maddie, Melodye, Rosie (read a short-story spinoff from On Thin Ice, “Melting the Ice”), Shari and Stace. Not only did everyone show up, but seven people brought readings, which is probably a record.

News & Notes

Scrivener for Windows is now a real product.

The Writer’s Store is offering a free downloadable Don’t Break the Chain calendar. You use it to set your word goals for writing, and to try not to break the chain of writing every day.

Alicia Raslet at Edittorrent offers a primer on using sensory input for scene-setting.

Terrible Minds’ Chuck Wendig wrote a much-Tweeted list of 25 things writers should stop doing (right f**king now). As you might be able to tell, operatic profanity is involved.

Finally, The Simpsons took on the business of writing blockbuster YA novels. As a bonus, there’s an animated Neil Gaiman involved. Enjoy.

Please review this list for accuracy. If you discover any mistakes or omissions, please let us know in advance of the meeting.

Stace (1/5)
Maddie (1/5)
Burt (1/5)
Dena (1/5)
Shari (1/5)
Jo (1/5)
Casey (1/5)
Melodye (1/5)
Jonathan (1/5)
Lance (1/5)
JoAnne (1/5)
Glenda (1/5)
Rosie (1/5)

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