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21 June meeting notes; 28 June reading list

June 21, 2012


Eleven people attended: Burt, Glenda, Jo, JoAnne, Jonathan (read a chapter from Bummin’ It), Lance (read two chapters from Identity), Maddie (read a chapter from Hit Me), Rosie, Shari, Stace and potential new member Peggy, a professional editor (!), lyricist and writer of historical fiction.

News & Notes

Glenda told us about the SCWA program on 16 June featuring ghostwriter Claudia Suzanne.

Maddie will be attending the 23 June San Diego Writers workshop “The Comic Toolbox” featuring comedy guru John Vorhaus. She promises to bring back any materials for show-and-tell next week.

Burt was featured in a University of Idaho alumni newsletter for publishing Madness of March. His novel, available through the Kindle Bookshop, has sold ~1500 copies since 12 May. Congratulations, Burt!

Peggy mentioned the 26 June Women Who Write lecture by Carl Reiner somewhere in Los Angeles (the website doesn’t have much detail).


Please review this list for accuracy. If you discover any mistakes or omissions, please let us know in advance of the meeting.

JoAnne (6/21)
Jo (6/21)
Marianna (6/7)
Casey (6/7)
Shari (6/21)
Rosie (6/21)
Burt (6/21)
Glenda (6/21)
Stace (6/21)
Jonathan (6/21)
Maddie (6/21)
Lance (6/21)
Julia (5/10)
Melodye (5/3)

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