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16 Aug meeting notes; 23 Aug reading list

August 18, 2012


A lucky thirteen attendees: Burt, Casey (read a chapter from Francine Stein), Glenda, Jo (read a chapter from Moonspell), JoAnne, Jonathan, Lance, Maddie, Marianna, Rosie (read a synopsis for On Thin Ice), Stace, and two returning old-line members, Richard (writes short stories) and Marsha (essays and memoir). Richard and Marsha’s last PFL appearance was in 2006. Welcome back.

News & Notes

Stace proposed that we resume our craft-related readings this fall. This involves picking a book that focuses on an aspect of writing or publishing and discussing sections of the book during a 50-minute session once per month. Please consider this proposal and come prepared to discuss it next meeting (23 August). If you support the proposal, please have ready the title of a book you think we should read; if you oppose it, come prepared to explain why. We’ll vote on the proposal on the 23rd. The list of previous craft-related readings is available in Writer Resources.

Jonathan recommends for the content of a writer’s convention without the travel. The event itself is over, but the webinar programs are still available, as are the blog posts, a Twitter hashtag (#writeoncon), and an online forum.

Jonathan used to obtain a printed, bound version of Bummin’ It for his beta readers. A trade paperback-format book of average length cost ~$9-10 a copy. You can also use Lulu to publish in paper and ebook, but you don’t have to publish in order to get books printed.

Stace mentioned that the Placentia Public Library will host a benefit featuring Dean Koontz next March. There’s absolutely nothing on the library’s website about it yet, but keep it in mind if that interests you.


Please review this list for accuracy. If you discover any mistakes or omissions, please let us know in advance of the meeting.

Marianna (8/16)
Burt (8/16)
Glenda (8/16)
Stace (8/16)
Maddie (8/16)
Lance (8/16)
JoAnne (8/16)
Shari (8/9)
Jonathan (8/16)
Rosie (8/16)
Jo (8/16)
Casey (8/16)

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