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25 Oct meeting notes; 1 Nov reading list

November 2, 2012


Ten people attended: Glenda, JoAnne, Marcia, Richard, Rosie, Burt, Jonathan, Elena, Shari (read a chapter from Lost in Dance) and Maddie.

News & Notes

Reminder: our craft-related reading selection this fall and winter is James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure. Please read the assigned chapters and be ready to discuss the material. The schedule for the rest of the discussions is as follows:

  • 29 Nov – Chp. 7-9 (Casey)
  • 31 Jan – Chp. 10-12 (Richard & Marcia)
  • 28 Feb – Chp. 13-14, Appendix B (Jonathan)

Please note: for the next discussion session (29 Nov), Richard & Marcia ask everyone to come prepared to discuss how everything will help us in our critiques.


Please review this list for accuracy. If you discover any mistakes or omissions, please let us know in advance of the meeting.

Marianna (10/18)
Glenda (10/25)
Stace (10/18)
JoAnne (10/25)
Jo (10/11)
Marcia (10/25)
Richard (10/25)
Rosie (10/25)
Burt (10/25)
Jonathan (10/25)
Casey (10/18)
Elena (10/25)
Lance (10/18)
Maddie (10/25)
Shari (10/25)

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