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7 Nov meeting notes; 14 Nov reading list

November 8, 2013


Back into double digits! Ten people attended: Burt, Casey, Jo (read a chapter from Moonspell), JoAnne, Lance, Maddie, Richard, Rosie, Shari (read revisions to the final two chapters from Raised to Win) and Stace.

News & Notes

We have three meetings left this year: 14 and 21 November, and 5 December.

The PFL Holiday Party is a month away. Shari has volunteered to host it again, on Wednesday, 11 December. Directions and a food signup should be appearing in the next two meetings.

We once again discussed possible new directions for PFL.

  • Maddie suggested that PFL members begin gathering contact information for reading/writing groups to add to the PFL mailing list.
  • Two weeks ago, we assigned homework for the members: what kinds of events would you be interested in attending? Some of the candidates: a writer’s retreat; readings in which the author quizzes the audience on reactions and ideas (a la SCR’s NewScripts); talks by agents or publishers; a write-in (a group gathers to spend time writing together and discussing problems and ideas); and, a writers’ happy hour, or informal meetup with writers in a social setting.


Stace (11/7)
Richard (11/7)
Casey (11/7)
JoAnne (11/7)
Rosie (11/7)
Glenda (10/24)
Lance (11/7)
Maddie (11/7)
Burt (11/7)
Jo (11/7)
Shari (11/7)

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