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5 Dec meeting notes; 9 Jan reading list

December 13, 2013


Ten people attended 2013’s final meeting: Burt, Casey (read the first chapter of The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly), Don (read a chapter from his historical novel Alexander’s Lighthouse), Glenda, Jo (read a chapter from Moonspell), JoAnne, Lance, Richard, Rosie, Shari, and the long-anticipated return of Jonathan.

News & Notes

The first meeting of 2014 will occur on 9 January, since members may not be recovered from New Year’s Eve by the 2nd.

The annual PFL Holiday Party went off as planned on 11 December at Shari’s house. There was much food and conversation and no casualties. Thanks much to Shari for hosting us again this year.

JoAnne is hosting a write-in on Saturday, 28 December, at her office in Laguna Hills. It will start at 1:30 pm and go until 3:30 or thereabouts. For the address and directions, go to the Her Place website.

In case you want statistics: in 2013, the average PFL member attended 29.46 meetings and read 8.69 times. The average meeting had 8.3 attendees and 2.4 readings (as opposed to 9.2 attendees and 2.4 readings in 2012). This is the second-lowest average attendance since 2007. Just a reminder: if you find likely recruits in your other endeavors (especially other productive writers), please tell them about PFL and try to get them to come to a meeting.


Stace (11/21)
JoAnne (11/21)
Glenda (12/5)
Lance (12/5)
Maddie (11/7)
Shari (12/5)
Richard (12/5)
Rosie (12/5)
Burt (12/5)
Casey (12/5)
Jo (12/5)
Jonathan (12/5)
Don (12/5)

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