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23 Jan meeting notes; 30 Jan reading list

January 25, 2014


Nine people attended: Burt, Casey, Glenda, Lance (read two chapters from Fake), Maddie, Richard, Rosie (read a chapter from On Thin Ice), Shari (read a revised query for Raised to Win) and Stace.

The first meeting of the PFL Brand Extension Steering Committee happened before the main meeting. The attendees discussed extending PFL’s reach into the social-media world and establishing online documents for members to use to list possible event venues and contacts in local writing groups. More to come.

News & Notes

Glenda reported on a recent writer’s retreat she attended in Palm Springs. Headlined by local writing maven Barbara Demarco-Barrett, the first Pen on Fire Desert Writers’ Retreat took over a B&B for five nights in September and featured author presentations and writing exercises. A sequel is planned for this spring. There are no details online yet for the next retreat, but Barbara’s blog has a brief post about the September event.


JoAnne (1/9)
Glenda (1/23)
Richard (1/23)
Burt (1/23)
Jonathan (12/5)
Stace (1/23)
Maddie (1/23)
Casey (1/23)
Jo (1/16)
Don (1/16)
Shari (1/23)
Rosie (1/23)
Lance (1/23)

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