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27 Mar meeting notes; 3 Apr reading list

March 28, 2014


Seven people attended: Burt, Casey (read a chapter from The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly), Glenda, JoAnne (read the start of an untitled short story), Lance (read two chapters from the Fake reboot), Maddie and Rosie.

News & Notes

The preparations for the first PFL reader/writer salon continue apace. The four inaugural readers (Burt, Casey, Lance and Rosie) will be turning in their selections, bios, and questions to Maddie by 3 April. PFL members are invited to a run-through at 5:30 on 10 April at Sharky’s (across the walkway from Panera). Maddie is also closing in on a venue and date and hopes to have both nailed down by the 3 April meeting.

Jonathan virtually mentioned Hemingway App, an online utility. You paste in a few paragraphs of your writing and the app edits it the way Papa might have done. You get strong, true prose, full of manly virtue.

A reminder: Lance will be participating in an indie writer’s panel hosted by the Sherman Oaks NaNoWriMo group. He’ll be joining thriller writer Kristen Elise (The Vesuvius Isotope) and fantasy writer Leslie Ann Moore (Griffin’s Daughter trilogy). The panel takes place on Sunday, 30 March, 1-4PM at the Sherman Oaks Panera Bread, 14708 Ventura Blvd.



Stace (3/6)
Maddie (3/27)
Kermit (2/27)
Glenda (3/27)
Shari (3/20)
Burt (3/27)
Jo (3/20)
Rosie (3/27)
JoAnne (3/27)
Casey (3/27)
Lance (3/27)
Richard (2/13)

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