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29 May meeting notes; 5 Jun reading list

June 4, 2014


Ten people attended: Burt (read three chapters from The Taste of Money), Casey, Glenda (read part 1 of a short story “On the Waye,” a reboot of “The Jukebox”), Jo, Lance, Lisa W. (read three chapters of an untitled potential coming-of-age story), Maddie, Richard, Rosie and Shari.

News & Notes

The next LIT UP salon will take place on 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, 18 June, at Kean Coffee in Tustin. This month’s lineup will be Jonathan, Glenda, Jo and Richard. Full- and half-sheet flyers (Lit Up 18 June 1-up and Lit Up 18 June 2-up) are available now. The Facebook event page is also active. Rehearsals for our readers will take place at 5:30 p.m. on 12 June at the Tustin Legacy Sharky’s (across from Panera).



Stace (5/22)
Maddie (5/29)
JoAnne (5/22)
Casey (5/29)
Jo (5/29)
Richard (5/29)
Shari (5/29)
Lance (5/29)
Rosie (5/29)
David R. (5/22)
Glenda (5/29)
Burt (5/29)
Lisa W. (5/29)

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