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10 July meeting notes; 17 July reading list

July 15, 2014


Twelve people attended: Burt, Casey, Glenda (read a revision to part one of her short story “On the Waye”), JoAnne, Kari, Lance, Maddie, Marianna, Richard (read part one on his short story “A Sequence of Events”), Rosie, Shari and Stace.

News & Notes

The next LIT UP! will happen on 20 August at Kean Coffee in Tustin. The September LIT UP is likely to be our first branching out to a second location, this one in north/west county. If you know of any likely venues in those areas, please let Maddie know.

Glenda recommends a post in the Book Designer blog concerning an approach to building a Twitter followership without expending a huge amount of time in the doing.



Stace (7/10)
Maddie (7/10)
JoAnne (7/10)
Rosie (7/10)
Burt (7/10)
Lance (7/10)
Shari (7/10)
Casey (7/10)
Jo (7/3)
Kari (7/10)
Marianna (7/10)
Richard (7/10)
Glenda (7/10)
Jonathan (6/12)
Lisa W. (5/29)

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