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Jericho’s Walls, Burt Golden, contemporary fiction

August 1, 2014

Jericho's Walls coverIn a single moment of anger exploited by the media, college basketball coach Tom Jericho became a national outcast. Now recovering from depression, he returns to the scene of his former glory, a Los Angeles inner-city high school where he hopes to regain his identity at an easy teaching job. Jericho believes that nothing has changed at his old school — not the students, not the teachers, not the neighborhood. But everything has changed.

Lacking any teaching experience, and given no textbooks or curriculum, he faces riotous students in the classroom. Jericho must confront his past and succeed where other teachers have failed, or he will be terminated. Time is not on his side.


Available for Kindle on Amazon US | AU | BRCA | DE | FR | IT | JPMXUK.


As a college basketball coach, Burt Golden knew the upsides and downsides of the rough-and-tumble game like the back of his hand. As a sportswriter for the Los Angeles Examiner, the Spanish-language newspaper La Opinion, and the Japanese-language newspaper Rafu Shimpo, he learned to turn the game into an adventure.

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