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7 Aug meeting notes; 14 Aug reading list

August 12, 2014


Eight people attended: Casey, Glenda, Kari, Lance (read two revised chapters from the Fake reboot), Maddie, Marianna (read a chapter from Tzar Gold), Richard and Rosie.

News & Notes

The next LIT UP! will happen on 20 August at Kean Coffee in Tustin. You can download the flyers here (1-up and 2-up). The lineup this time:

  • Sonia Marsh, reading Freeways to Flip-Flops (memoir)
  • PJ Colando, reading Stashes (contemporary humor)
  • Lance Charnes, reading South (near-future thriller)

Please start spreading the word!



Stace (7/31)
Maddie (8/7)
JoAnne (7/31)
Kari (8/7)
Glenda (8/7)
Rosie (8/7)
Shari (7/31)
Burt (7/31)
Casey (8/7)
Richard (8/7)
Jo (7/31)
Lance (8/7)
Marianna (8/7)

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