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21 May meeting notes; 28 May reading list

May 22, 2015


Eleven people attended: Burt, Casey, Glenda, JoAnne, Lance (read a chapter from the Fake reboot), Maddie, Marianna (read a chapter from Red Snow, Gold Clouds, which used to have various other titles), Mark H., Rosie, Shari and Steve J. (read four chapters from The Lust Gambit).

News and Notes

The 19 May first anniversary LIT UP! was a great success, with 26 people turning out to watch bestselling true-crime author Caitlin Rother and PFL’s own Lance Charnes read from their works. Our able MC Maddie not only kept the show rolling, but also provided treats for the audience and led a raffle for free copies of books by LIT UP alums. The next LIT UP! is scheduled for 23 June. Watch the LIT UP! Facebook page for more information.

Steve J’s thriller The Zeus Payload released on Wednesday and is available on Amazon and B&N. Congratulations! See the PFL post for more details.



JoAnne (5/21)
Stace (4/30)
Rosie (5/21)
Kari (4/23)
Maddie (5/21)
Glenda (5/21)
Burt (5/21)
Shari (5/21)
Jo (5/14)
Casey (5/21)
Donna (5/14)
Marianna (5/21)
Steve J. (5/21)
Lance (5/21)
Mark H. (5/21)

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