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16 July meeting notes; 23 July reading list

July 17, 2015


Nine people attended: Burt, Casey, Donna (read a chapter from Running with Hounds…and an English Degree), Glenda, Jo, John M., Lance (read a chapter from the Fake reboot), Maddie and Rosie.

News and Notes

Burt suggested that we revive the practice of reading discussing a writing-related book; it helped develop members’ craft and often improved the quality of our critiques. When we did this in the past, we’d pick a book and set aside one reading slot (50 minutes) per month to discuss a certain number of chapters; discussion leadership would circulate among members. The list of the last few books we read is available here. Donna suggested we could also read writing-related articles, which could cut down on the time commitment. Please think about this and come to the next meeting prepared to discuss whether we should do this again.

The next LIT UP! will be held on 21 July at Kean Coffee in Tustin. Find more details in the event post, and check the LIT UP! Facebook page for the latest information.

Rosie (7/16)
Shari (7/9)
Maddie (7/16)
JoAnne (6/25)
Jo (7/16)
Steve J. (6/18)
Mark H. (6/25)
Burt (7/16)
Casey (7/16)
Marianna (7/9)
John M. (7/16)
Glenda (7/16)
Donna (7/16)
Lance (7/16)
Jonathan (6/4)

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