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27 Aug meeting notes; 3 Sep reading list

August 29, 2015


That’s more like it: twelve people attended: Burt, Casey (read a chapter from The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly), Donna (read a chapter from Running with Hounds…and an English Degree), Glenda, Jo, JoAnne, Lance, Lisa W., Maddie, Marianna (read a chapter from Red Snow, Gold Clouds), Mark H. (returning after a two-month odyssey through Europe) and Rosie.

News and Notes

We voted for the craft-related book we’ll read through the fall. The winner: How Not to Write a Novel, by Howard Mittelmark & Sandra Newman. It’s available in both print and ebook form from a variety of outlets. Please do whatever you must to buy a copy. During the 3 September meeting, we’ll carve up the book into monthly readings and appoint the moderator for the first discussion, which will probaby happen on 1 October.

Inspired by his stint at LIT UP!, Jared Kuritz has extended to PFL members and LIT UP! followers a discount off the registration for the La Jolla Writer’s Conference, 6-8 November. The registration special is here; Maddie has the password.

Maddie (8/27)
JoAnne (8/27)
Glenda (8/27)
Lisa W. (8/27)
Rosie (8/27)
Jo (8/27)
Burt (8/27)
Lance (8/27)
Mark H. (8/27)
Casey (8/27)
Marianna (8/27)
Donna (8/27)
Steve J. (6/18)
Shari (7/9)
John M. (7/23)

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