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3 Dec meeting notes; 7 Jan reading list

December 4, 2015


Eleven people attended the final meeting of 2015: Burt, Casey, Donna, Glenda, Jo, Lance, Maddie, Marianna, Mark H. (read his short story “Like Rabbits”), Shari (read a rewrite of the first two chapters from Raised to Win) and Steve J. Glenda led us in a discussion of Part III of How Not to Write a Novel (thanks, Glenda!).

News and Notes

2015’s meeting stats: we averaged 10.1 attendees and 2.8 readings over 46 meetings. Five meetings featured four readings (tying 2014’s score but short of 2008’s record of seven); three of those meetings had ten or more attendees. However, we also had three meetings with only one reading.

The annual PFL Holiday Party will take place on 10 December at Marianna’s house. Marianna passed out maps and Jo circulated the food signup sheet, so you know what you’re bringing.

Casey will lead our next dissection of How Not to Write a Novel during our 7 January meeting. Please make sure you finish Part IV of the book by then. The remaining readings line up like so:

  • 7 Jan: Part IV – Casey moderating
  • 4 Feb: Parts V & VI – Mark H. moderating

The 15 December LIT UP! Author Showcase will feature Dr. D.P. Lyle, Macavity and Silver award-winning author, doctor and forensics expert. Get the event flyers here: 1-up and 2-up. Don’t forget to sign up on the Facebook event.

Steve J.’s play “The Asylum for Rejected Characters” will premiere in the Camino Real Playhouse’s upcoming International Playwriting Festival in San Juan Capistrano. This collection of seven ten-minute plays, each helmed by a different director, runs 15-24 January at 8:00 p.m., with a 2:00 p.m. matinee on 17 and 24 January. Check the theater website for ticket information.



Rosie (11/12)
Donna (12/3)
Glenda (12/3)
Jo (12/3)
Casey (12/3)
Lisa W. (11/19)
JoAnne (11/19)
Maddie (12/3)
Burt (12/3)
Lance (12/3)
Marianna (12/3)
Steve J. (12/3)
Shari (12/3)
Mark H. (12/3)

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