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The Dead Listing, Burt Golden, mystery

January 20, 2017


Tony Bravo had his P.I. license revoked when he went to jail for misdemeanor vandalism. Behind bars, he studied for a real estate sales license. On the outside, he passed the test. Now he lives in his car and has to earn $40,000 in 45 days to keep his daughter from being adopted by her conniving grandmother. Bravo believes that a Newport Beach real estate sale is his ticket. But on the way he must solve the country’s largest bank heist and a murder – conditions they don’t cover in real estate school.

Available for Kindle on Amazon US/AU/BR/CA/DE/ES/FR/IN/IT/JP/MX/NL/UK
Trade paperback available at Amazon US/BR/CA/DE/ES/FR/IN/IT/JP/MX/UK


Burt Golden is the author of the Amazon bestselling mystery novel Madness of March and the drama Jericho’s Walls. He is currently working on his third novel.

Golden was raised in East Los Angeles, where “dreams go to die.” It’s no wonder his novels have all been about underdogs.

As a young man, Golden wrote for the Los Angeles Examiner, Rafu Shimpo (a Japanese-language newspaper), and La Opinion, a Spanish-language newspaper. After college, he put aside his dreams of becoming a major league baseball player, and instead took jobs coaching underdog teams at the high school and college levels. He continued his professional life by founding a company that helped fired executives rebuild their careers.

Whether as a coach, businessman, or novelist, Golden has always been obsessed with the factors that drive human achievement.

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