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20 Apr meeting notes; 27 Apr reading list

April 22, 2017


Twelve people attended: Burt, Casey, Donna, Glenda, Jo, Lance, Leighanne, Lisa W. (read a rewrite of “There’s a New Sheriff in Town”), Rosie (read a revision of “Zolota: Another Gold Rush”), Sarah K., Shari and Steve J. (read two chapters from ).

News and Notes

Scott Turow will speak at the Mission Viejo Library on Tuesday, 6 June, at 7:00 p.m. Admission will be $32 (the cost of the book). Don’t look for details on the library website, because the event isn’t posted there yet. However, if you’re interested in a special offer, contact Maddie for more information.

The deadline for submitting entries for the SCWA California-themed short-story anthology has been extended to 1 May. If you’ve already sent in your entry and want to polish it more, send the result to Steve J.

The 18 April LIT UP! was a success, with a healthy Spring Break crowd attending to women’s fiction writer Janet Simcic, Christian horror author Mike Duran, and horror writer Oz Monroe. The next LIT UP! will be on 16 May at Kean Coffee in Tustin. As always, be sure to check the LIT UP Facebook page for more details on the authors.



Donna (4/20)
Burt (4/20)
Glenda (4/20)
JoAnne (3/30)
Casey (4/20)
Leighanne (4/20)
Shari (4/20)
Maddie (4/13)
Jo (4/20)
Lance (4/20)
Marianna (2/23)
Sarah K. (4/20)
Lisa W. (4/20)
Steve J. (4/20)
Rosie (4/20)

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