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It’s All in the Story: California, multiple members, anthology

October 16, 2017

Cover for It's All in the Storyy

It’s All in the Story: California is an anthology of twenty-four original short stories edited and curated by best-selling author D. P. Lyle. From San Juan Capistrano in 1812 to the Bay Area in the present day, these satisfying bites of contemporary and literary fiction are packed with delicious characters and tales that will stay with you long after the last story is devoured.

Available for Kindle on Amazon US/AU/BR/CA/DE/ES/FR/IN/IT/JP/MX/NL/UK
Trade paperback available at Amazon US/BR/CA/DE/ES/FR/IN/IT/MX/UK


It’s All in the Story is published by the Southern California Writers Association and features works by seven PFL members: PJ Colando, Rose de Guzman, Steve Jackson, Maddie Margarita, Jo Pitzer, Casey Pope, and Glenda Rynn.

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