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3 Jan meeting notes; 10 Jan reading list

January 3, 2019


Yes, we did have a meeting after a fashion. Three people attended the first meeting of 2019: Lance, Maddie, and potential newcomer Tricia. We’ll try again next week.

News and Notes

The PFL holiday party went well. Many thanks to Maddie, who lent us her Winchester Mystery House-sized cottage for the venue.

The final LIT UP! of 2018 on 18 December was well-attended, with an unexpectedly strong crowd hearing work by Belle Cliffe, Paul Charles, and Anne Cleeland. As always, be sure to check the LIT UP Facebook page for details on past and upcoming authors and programs.



Jo (12/6)
Maddie (1/3)
Shari (12/6)
Donna (11/29)
Burt (11/8)
Joanne (11/29)
Leighanne (12/6)
Rosie (12/6)
PJ (11/29)
Casey (12/6)
Lance (1/3)

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