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I Am…a Character, PJ Colando, contemporary women’s fiction

May 4, 2019

The Winner's Circle book cover

A curated collection of PJ Colando’s…

  • short stories — those published elsewhere with rights returned, and those yet to be published;
  • journal articles;
  • blog posts and witticisms;
  • one poetic eulogy; and,
  • short stories workshopped in the Pure Fiction League writers’ group.

Available for Kindle on Amazon
Trade paperback available at Amazon


PJ Colando was born and raised in the Midwest, yet unabashedly aspired for adventure elsewhere, following her parents’ model. She lives in Southern California with her family, hobbies, and pets. PJ writes contemporary women’s fiction and has drawn praise for her singular voice, humor, and satire on contentious current affairs, and insights into human life. It’s Boomer Chick-Lit, babe – PJ writes funny! Join her on her Boomer humor blog on her author site,

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