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The Ginormous Love Life of the Superhero’s Intern, Casey Pope, SF/romance

November 10, 2019

After a brutal breakup with her high school boyfriend, a devastated Lolly is determined to fight the injustices of the world and decides to “put things to right” as a way to overcome her heartache and gain a semblance of control over the emotional chaos of her life. And so the summer after her freshman year in college, she applies for summer internship positions, including with the FBI, CIA, and ATF. They all reject her. Except one: The Office of Anti-Villainy and Undisclosable Matters, a.k.a. OAVUM.

Lolly’s one and only assignment entrusted to her by OAVUM is Hamm Metepakker. He is OAVUM’s top-tier superhero, but has been out of commission because of an injury. It is Lolly’s duty to keep Hamm on track to fast recovery so he can get back to battling supervillains. But it’s kind of hard for Lolly to stay focused on her job because Hamm’s not only a superhero, he’s super hot and pretty cool, and is a celebrity and living the good life. They soon start flirting and experiencing warm fuzzies for each other and get hot and heavy and—

But wait. Lolly isn’t supposed to do any of that because fraternizing with an OAVUM employee is grounds for termination. Also, getting involved with Hamm will distract him from his job of fighting the supervillains who are intent on world domination. On top of which, Hamm is rumored to be dating world-famous pop star, Daria Buttermilk, who is not the kind of person that will allow a “nobody” like Lolly to upstage her. But Lolly can’t help herself and follows her heart and pursues a course of action that sets off a domino effect of ginormously dire consequences.

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Casey Pope writes novels in the mainstream/upmarket category, i.e., literary/commercial hybrid. His previous works include A Love Life Like Karmic Disaster, The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly, and World War Girl Soldier.

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