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9 Apr meeting notes; 16 Apr reading list

April 9, 2020


Seven people attended: Casey, Joanne, Lance, Leslie P. (a chapter from Ghost Dog), Lisa W., Rosie, and Sherry C. (a chapter from Time’s Up for Father Time).

News and Notes

We’ll continue with the 6:30 meeting start next week.

Remember the LIT UP! event that was going to happen last month at Muzeo in Anaheim until the current unpleasantness put paid to it? It lives again online! The cyber version of LIT UP! will occur on Sunday, 19 April, at 1 p.m. on a computer screen near you. It’s still under Muzeo sponsorship. Precise details are not yet worked out, so keep an eye on the LIT UP Facebook page for more information.

Please put in your bids to read in the #16april-meeting Slack channel by 8 p.m. Friday night. The two bidders highest on the list will be selected as readers, and the third highest will be a backup. The backup will step in if (a) one of the primaries doesn’t upload a reading to #16april-readings in time (noon Monday) or if one or both primary readings are very short. If you need help, look at the how-to instructions Leslie P. put together; they’re in #00_procedures_how-tos.



Marianna (3/26)
Burt (3/26)
Glenda (4/2)
Leighanne (3/26)
Dennis P. (3/5)
Joanne (4/9)
Lisa W. (4/9)
Rosie (4/9)
Casey (4/9)
Lance (4/9)
Leslie P. (4/9)
Sherry C. (4/9)
PJ (2/27)
Maddie (2/27)

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