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21 May meeting notes; 4 June reading list

May 26, 2020


Seven people attended: Glenda, Joanne, Lance, Leslie P. (a chapter from Ghost Dog), Lisa W. (two chapters from Roundabout), Rosie, and Sherry C.

News and Notes

There will be no 28 May meeting. Nobody put in a bid to read. The next meeting will be on 4 June.

The results of the survey are here: We got ten responses; unfortunately, only one came from someone who hasn’t attended the virtual meetings.

PFL doesn’t censor what its members write. This means that not all of you will be comfortable with all material presented for critique. This is periodically an issue at our in-person meetings when we’re surrounded by people who didn’t sign up for hearing our readings. Because of this, the PFL guidelines say, “Out of consideration for nearby restaurant patrons, if you read a selection with profanity or overtly sexual language, don’t say the ‘objectionable’ language aloud.” (Thus “frack” instead of a certain 500-year-old Germanic expletive.) This infrequently leads to “silent reading” during in-person meetings and serves as a warning of sorts for members who might have issues with the subject matter. Because of our online format, we’ve lost that warning.

  • Authors: As a substitute, please mention in your story-so-far summary if your reading includes material that would cause “silent reading” at Panera (for example, “includes animal cruelty”).
  • Readers: You know your own limits. You’re not required to read every single word. If you don’t want to continue reading, then don’t.



Glenda (5/21)
Joanne (5/21)
Rosie (5/21)
Sherry C. (5/21)
Casey (5/14)
Lance (5/21)
Lisa W. (5/21)
Leslie P. (5/21)
Marianna (3/26)
Burt (3/26)
Leighanne (3/26)
Dennis P. (3/5)
PJ (2/27)
Maddie (2/27)

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