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7 Apr meeting notes; 14 Apr reading list

April 9, 2022


Seven people attended: Benafsha A. (two chapters of Grown in the Shade), Burt (two revised chapters of The Spirit of 1942), Chris L., Donna R., Glenda, Gloria A. (the first chapter of Toxin), and Joanne.


Donna’s launch party for Running with Hounds…and an English Degree is happening at Book Carnival in Orange on Sunday, 24 April, at 2 p.m. PFL’s own Maddie Margarita will be there to drive the conversation.

We’ll continue meeting at the Corner Bakery at Tustin Marketplace (13786D Jamboree Rd, Suite 4, in Irvine) until either it proves unsuitable or Panera reverts to its previous closing time.


Glenda (4/7)
Lance (3/31)
Rosie (3/31)
Donna R. (4/7)
Joanne (4/7)
Chris L. (4/7)
Burt (4/7)
Benafsha A. (4/7)
Gloria A. (4/7)

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