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17 Nov meeting notes; 1 Dec reading list

November 19, 2022


Six people attended: Burt, Chris L. (a chapter from System Kid), Donna R., Glenda, Joanne (a short story, “Charolette Shelly”), and Lance (two partial chapters from Bluejay Rises).


The Sisters in Crime OC meeting on Sunday, Nov. 20, starts at 3 p.m. with “Thrillers in Exotic Places,” a readers forum led by Pat Broeske.  At 4 p.m., Barbara DeMarco-Barrett will have a conversation with Erica Ferencik, Girl in Ice, and Aaron Philip Clark, Under Color of Law. Pre-register for this virtual meeting at the SinC website.

We have two meetings left this year: 1 Dec and 8 Dec. Our usual last meeting is on the first Thursday of December, but since that’s the 1st, we can go one more.  The first meeting of 2023 is on 5 Jan.

The PFL Holiday Party will happen starting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, 15 December, at Gloria’s place in Tustin Hills (change of venue). A food list has already made the rounds.


Donna R. (11/17)
Glenda (11/17)
Rosie (11/10)
Burt (11/17)
Benafsha A. (11/10)
Gloria A. (11/10)
Joanne (11/17)
Chris L. (11/17)
Lance (11/17)

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