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29 Aug meeting notes; 5 Sep reading list

September 3, 2013


A cozy six people attended: Casey, Joe H. (read part of the first chapter of Anywhere But Here), Lance (read a revised chapter from South), Maddie,  Rosie and Stace.

News & Notes

Casey floated the idea of a PFL Twitter feed. It could be used to pass on writing-related Web discoveries and tweets that could benefit both members and outsiders. It could also raise the group’s visibility, which could bring in new members. allows for widgets that display tweets from a single account, so we would be able to display the PFL tweets on the blog. We’ll discuss this further next time.

Maddie brought up the issue that PFL is hosting fewer readings these days. Members who drive some distance during rush hour to get to our meetings would appreciate getting an entire meeting for their trouble. She pointed out that the group guidelines allow members to read twice during a single meeting if there’s an empty spot that would otherwise go unused. She encouraged members who can do so to bring a “standby” reading in case there’s a hole to be filled.


Stace (8/29)
JoAnne (7/25)
Richard (8/22)
Casey (8/29)
Burt (8/1)
Jo (8/22)
Rosie (8/29)
Maddie (8/29)
Glenda (8/22)
Shari (8/22)
Joe H. (8/29)
Lance (8/29)

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