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5 Sep meeting notes; 12 Sep reading list

September 8, 2013


Seven people attended: Casey, Joe H., Lance (read a chapter from South), Rosie, Shari (read three revised chapters from Raised to Win) and Stace.

News & Notes

After more discussion, Casey will begin to implement a PFL Twitter feed. It will be used to pass on writing-related Web discoveries and tweets that could benefit both members and outsiders. It could also raise the group’s visibility, which could bring in new members. Once the account is set up, Lance will add a Twitter timeline to the PFL website’s right-hand sidebar so non-Twerps can see what’s gone out.

Joe H., having just joined PFL, will be going off to his own three-month writer’s retreat in the wilds of coastal British Columbia. Watch out for the bears.


Stace (9/5)
Richard (8/22)
Casey (9/5)
Burt (8/1)
Jo (9/5)
Rosie (9/5)
Maddie (8/29)
Glenda (8/22)
Joe H. (9/5)
Shari (9/5)
Lance (9/5)
JoAnne (7/25)

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