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17 Oct meeting notes; 24 Oct reading list

October 22, 2013


Eight people attended: Burt (read three chapters from Jocks), Casey, Lance, Maddie (read a chapter from Hit Me), Richard, Rosie, Shari (read three chapters from Raised to Win) and Stace.

News & Notes

Rosie reminds us there is a slate of pre-NaNoWriMo activities scheduled hereabouts to get you set up for NaNo madness in November. Meetups and events are posted in the Nano website’s Orange County North forum.

Shari has volunteered to host the PFL Holiday Party. The tentative date is Wednesday, 11 December. More to follow.

Maddie brought up the idea that a way to grow the group — and to help promote indie authors, of which we have three in our normal rotation — is to take a page from San Diego Writers, Ink and consider organizing events geared toward the larger writing community in Orange County. This could allow us to make connections with the various other writers’ groups in the county, as well as provide value-added for ourselves and prospective members. She’ll gather some ideas from SDWI, Pen on Fire, and other similar efforts. Consider this, and we’ll discuss it in a couple of meetings.



Stace (10/17)
Richard (10/17)
Casey (10/17)
JoAnne (9/26)
Rosie (10/17)
Glenda (10/10)
Lance (10/17)
Jo (10/10)
Shari (10/17)
Maddie (10/17)
Burt (10/17)
Joe H. (9/5)

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