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24 Oct meeting notes; 31 Oct reading list

October 29, 2013


Eleven people attended: Burt (read the finale of Jocks), Casey, Glenda, Jo, JoAnne, Lance, Maddie, Richard, Rosie, Shari and Stace.

News & Notes

We once again discussed Maddie’s idea to branch out and emulate San Diego Writers, Ink by organizing events geared toward the larger writing community in Orange County. This could involve workshops, author events, and writing salons. We’d need to take care not to duplicate what other groups, such as SCWC, are doing. Homework: PFL members should consider what kinds of events they’d (a) enjoy and (b) support. We’ll go over ideas in a couple weeks.

Yes, we are meeting on Halloween.



Stace (10/24)
Richard (10/24)
Casey (10/24)
JoAnne (10/24)
Rosie (10/24)
Glenda (10/24)
Lance (10/24)
Jo (10/24)
Shari (10/24)
Maddie (10/24)
Burt (10/24)

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