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31 Oct meeting notes; 7 Nov reading list

November 3, 2013


Serves us right for meeting on Halloween…five people attended: Burt (read reworked prologue and epilogue from Jocks), Casey, Lance, Richard and Shari (read the final two chapters from her rewrite of Raised to Win).

News & Notes

Burt brought an announcement for The Art of the Story, a 4-day intensive workshop in San Francisco led by former Esquire / GQ/ Paris Review / Scriber’s editor Tom Jenks. The workshops occur on 30 Jan-2 Feb and 20-23 Feb 2014. Attendance is limited to twelve people per workshop; acceptance is based on an evaluation of each applicant’s work. The announcement and website carefully don’t mention the cost. For more information, check the class page at Narrative Magazine.

Maddie forwarded a link to the San Diego Writers, Ink program calendar. More grist for the discussion mill regarding an expansion of PFL’s scope.

Lance’s near-future novel South officially releases on 1 November. Look for the post on the Published PFL Authors page.



Stace (10/24)
Richard (10/31)
Casey (10/31)
JoAnne (10/24)
Rosie (10/24)
Glenda (10/24)
Lance (10/31)
Jo (10/24)
Maddie (10/24)
Burt (10/31)
Shari (10/31)

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