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6 Aug meeting notes; 13 Aug reading list

August 7, 2015


In a great improvement over last week, nine people attended: Burt, Casey, Donna (read a chapter from Running with Hounds…and an English Degree), Jo, Lance (read a chapter from the Fake reboot), Lisa W. (back from a one-year-plus sabbatical), Marianna (read a chapter from Red Snow, Gold Clouds, plus a query and synopsis), Rosie, and Rosie’s guest Wendy V., a writer of steampunk and Regency romance (though not at the same time).

News and Notes

We once again discussed reading a writing-related book starting in September. When we did this in the past, we’d pick a book and set aside one reading slot (50 minutes) per month to discuss a certain number of chapters; discussion leadership circulates among members. The list of the last few books we read is available here. Qualifications:

  • The book is widely available online or in bookstores;
  • The author is/was a working writer who wrote things other than books about writing;
  • The subject should be applicable to a wide range of genres; and,
  • The book should be practical rather than theoretical.

Books nominated so far:

The next LIT UP! will be held on 18 August at Kean Coffee in Tustin. Find more details on the LIT UP! Facebook page.

Rosie (8/6)
Shari (7/9)
Maddie (7/23)
JoAnne (7/23)
Jo (8/6)
Steve J. (6/18)
Mark H. (6/25)
Burt (8/6)
John M. (7/23)
Glenda (7/16)
Casey (8/6)
Marianna (8/6)
Donna (8/6)
Lance (8/6)
Lisa W. (8/6)

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