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13 Aug meeting notes; 20 Aug reading list

August 14, 2015


Ten people attended: Burt (read two chapters from It All Ends on 101, formerly Murder on the 101), Casey, Glenda, Jo (read a chapter from Moonspell), JoAnne, Lance, Lisa W., Maddie, Marianna and Rosie (read two revised chapters from On Thin Ice).

News and Notes

The next LIT UP! is happening on 18 August at Kean Coffee in Tustin. It will feature YA romance writer Jessi Kirby and NYT bestselling paranormal-romance author Susan Squires. Find more details on the LIT UP! Facebook page.

Next meeting (20 Aug), we’ll be voting for which writing-related book we’ll start reading in September. Nominated books:

If you have personal experience with any of these, please share it with us so we can make a more informed decision. Please follow the above links to the Amazon product pages, look at the book descriptions, do the “Look Inside” if it’s available, and come ready to decide on a book on the 20th.

Shari (7/9)
Maddie (8/13)
JoAnne (8/13)
Steve J. (6/18)
Mark H. (6/25)
John M. (7/23)
Glenda (8/13)
Casey (8/13)
Marianna (8/13)
Donna (8/6)
Lance (8/13)
Lisa W. (8/13)
Rosie (8/13)
Jo (8/13)
Burt (8/13)

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