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24 Sep meeting notes; 1 Oct reading list

September 25, 2015


Eleven people attended: Casey, Glenda, Jo (read a chapter from Moonspell), JoAnne, Lance, Lisa W., Maddie, Marianna (read two chapters from Red Snow, Gold Clouds), Mark H., Rosie and Shari.

News and Notes

Our first discussion of How Not to Write a Novel will happen during our 1 October meeting, with Rosie leading. It will take up the first reading slot of the evening (50 minutes). Please make sure you finish Part I of the book by then so you can say scintillating, clever things about it.

The 22 September LIT UP! was a great success, with sixteen audience members enjoying readings by Ted Parvin, Janis Thomas and H.R. Knight. The next LIT UP! will take place on 20 October at Kean Coffee. Get the event flyers here: 1-up and 2-up.

Maddie (9/24)
Glenda (9/24)
Rosie (9/24)
Burt (9/17)
JoAnne (9/24)
Lisa W. (9/24)
Ava (9/10)
Lance (9/24)
Mark H. (9/24)
Casey (9/24)
Donna (9/17)
Shari (9/24)
Jo (9/24)
Marianna (9/24)

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