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27 Sep meeting notes; 4 Oct reading list

September 29, 2018


Seven people attended: Burt, Casey (read two chapters from Super Duper Love Story), Lance (read a chapter from Hot Pots), Leighanne, Maddie, Rosie (read a chapter from The Lion and the Eagle), and Shari.

News and Notes

Stay tuned for the details on October’s LIT UP! Be sure to check the LIT UP Facebook page for the next meeting, and for details on past authors and programs.

Maddie will be a panelist for the 7 October Ladies of Intrigue Conference, an annual event sponsored by OC Sisters in Crime. Go to the OC Sisters in Crime website for more information and registration.



Jo (9/20)
Glenda (9/20)
Maddie (9/27)
Leighanne (9/27)
Joanne (9/13)
Burt (9/27)
Shari (9/27)
Lance (9/27)
Rosie (9/27)
Casey (9/27)
Steve J. (8/16)
Donna (8/23)

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  1. pjcolando permalink
    October 4, 2018 1:46 pm

    Please put me back in the line-up – I haven’t left. Incumbered by houseguests who endured calamitous times while here, taking Larry and me along for the ride… Finally able to write, working another short story to present. Thanks

    • October 4, 2018 8:58 pm

      Being dropped from the list doesn’t mean you’ve left the group; it means you’ve been gone for more than three meetings without offering a expected return date. I haven’t been very quick on the trigger with this, but you’ve missed seven meetings. Steve will probably go off the list this week for the same reason. When you return, I’ll put you back at the bottom of the list. It’s in the rules (er, guidelines).

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