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19 Mar meeting notes; 26 Mar reading list

March 20, 2020


Eight people attended PFL’s first virtual meeting: Casey, Glenda, Joanne, Lance, Leslie P., Lisa W., Marianna, and Sherry C. (one chapter from Time’s Up for Father Time).

The online process sketched out for this meeting had some successes (notably using Slack) and some challenges (Google Drive/Google Docs). Because this was an experiment, Sherry keeps her place in the list as a thank-you for being the guinea pig. Many thanks to Casey for working out the nuts-and-bolts of the system.

News and Notes

New instructions went out in email on 19 March for a revised meeting process based entirely in Slack. We hope it will be easier for everyone. Please review the instructions. How-to sheets will likely come out in the next few days.

The 24 March LIT UP! has been cancelled, as has every event on the PFL Events page. Be sure to check the LIT UP Facebook page for news about LIT UP! and any planned future meetings.



Marianna (3/19)
Burt (2/20)
Maddie (2/27)
Glenda (3/19)
Leslie P. (3/19)
PJ (2/27)
Leighanne (3/12)
Sherry C. (3/19)
Lance (3/19)
Dennis P. (3/5)
Rosie (3/12)
Joanne (3/19)
Casey (3/19)
Shari (2/6)
Lisa W. (3/19)

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