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26 Mar meeting notes; 2 Apr reading list

March 27, 2020


Eleven people attended: Burt, Casey, Glenda, Joanne, Lance (one chapter from Zrada), Leighanne, Leslie P., Lisa W., Marianna, Rosie (two chapters from Farbourne Manor), and Sherry C.

The modified Slack-centric online process worked relatively well.

News and Notes

We’ll return to a 6:30 meeting start and three readings with the 2 April meeting.

Two minor changes will come into effect during the next meeting:

  • When authors post their readings, they should say in the messages they attach their files to whether they want comments only or the full Track Changes treatment.
  • When members are pasting pre-written text into a Slack message box, they should drop in no more than one paragraph at a time to keep the text from lurching.

Revised how-to sheets will be posted on Slack in #2april-meeting by the end of the weekend. We hope they’ll make things easier for everyone. Please review them.

We discussed the possibility of using Zoom for video teleconferencing. Zoom would pose various difficulties for several members, so we’ll put that off for now.



Marianna (3/26)
Burt (3/26)
Maddie (2/27)
Glenda (3/26)
Leslie P. (3/26)
Leighanne (3/26)
Sherry C. (3/26)
Dennis P. (3/5)
Joanne (3/26)
Casey (3/26)
Lisa W. (3/26)
Lance (3/26)
Rosie (3/26)
PJ (2/27)

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