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Dead is Not Enough, Burt Golden, crime/detective

October 11, 2020

Cover for DEAD IS NOT ENOUGHTony Bravo is the main guy in Dead is Not Enough, the second neo-noir mystery in the Tony Bravo series. A P.I. in the afternoon and a reluctant real estate agent in the morning, Bravo decides what is right and what is wrong in the dark world, and he doesn’t like to explain it to anybody. He likes women, but he usually ends up with the wacky ones who single him out for help. You might not relate to the cynic in him, yet you cannot deny he’s real.

In Dead is Not Enough, Bravo’s life is on the line when he takes on two high-stakes cases: a serial murder rampage that threatens an entire region, and a death threat to a superior court judge, who he has met on an online dating site. During the investigations, Bravo is knocked off-balance when he has to protect his fourteen-year-old daughter from his druggie ex-wife.

Available for Kindle on Amazon
Trade paperback available at Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Burt Golden, M.S., has written the Amazon mystery best seller, Madness of March. This is his fourth novel. Earlier in his life, Golden coached a college basketball team that went to the NCAA tournament. He also was president of a West Coast outplacement company. Recently, Golden was inducted into the Roosevelt (Los Angeles) High School Hall of Fame, whose 46 members include two Ninth Circuit court judges, a Heisman Trophy winner, the owner of an NBA team, and a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

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