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Shadows, Burt Golden, mystery/suspense

October 11, 2020

Cover for DEAD IS NOT ENOUGHSergeant Joe Donahue returns to his hometown from Afghanistan as a hero with the Medal of Honor. But he is not the macho guy who turned down an offer from the NFL to go to war four years earlier. War took away his identity, leaving him with a strong sense of guilt and a great fear of intimacy. Donahue drinks heavily to numb the effects of PTSD that he brought home. Adding to this stress is his estrangement from his father.

Seeking stability, Donahue accepts a job with well-known Whiting Development, whose president believes that Donahue can bring legitimacy to their real estate deals as a “show horse.” Donahue does his best to present a picture of normalcy at work, while alcohol and the ghosts of war refuse to let go of him. He is overpaid and materially spoiled at Whiting so he won’t quit when he finds out the company’s true business. However, Donahue soon learns that he has sold out to the devil, that murder solves all company problems, and that his life is in danger.

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Burt Golden, M.S., has written the Amazon mystery bestseller, Madness of March. This is his fifth novel. Earlier in his life, Golden coached a college basketball team that went to the NCAA tournament. He also was president of a West Coast outplacement company. Recently, Golden was inducted into the Roosevelt (Los Angeles) High School Hall of Fame, whose 46 members include two Ninth Circuit court judges, a Heisman Trophy winner, the owner of an NBA team, and a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

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  1. October 12, 2020 10:52 am

    Great to see such success among our Pure Fiction League folks.

  2. Dave Cunningham permalink
    October 12, 2020 10:58 am

    Outside of Lance and Burt and maybe a couple others, the PFL current writers don’t know me, but I launched PFL long ago as a critique group for the California Writers Club. I now live in Washington state. I have a new sci-fi/romance novel published Aug. 1 by Hunt Publishing, Ltd., in the U.K. The Amazon link, if you’re interested:

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